Fulcrum Flexi

Fulcrum Flexi aims to provide the intermediary market with the most complete, efficient and fully integrated insurance management system.

The Fulcrum Flexi system is a web-based platform that enables all aspects of an intermediary’s business, including:

  • The management of binders and mandates
  • Product development
  • Policy administration
  • Accounts management
  • Claims management and processing
  • Client communications
  • Document management
  • Data sharing with insurers and reporting
  • Management information

Fulcrum Flexi takes into account the requirements of both solvency asset management (SAM) and the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

The Fulcrum Flexi Service Desk offers a point of contact to rectify support calls, field technical queries, offer first-line support, and to co-ordinate support and maintenance services.

For more information on Fulcrum Flexi, please email us on info@fulcrum.co.za.

Fulcrum has developed a Premium Reconciliation Tool to identify unreconciled payments against premium debit notes, allowing for a smoother month-end process. This service is available to our clients who use both the Fulcrum Collections and Fulcrum Flexi offerings.

This is how it works: the Fulcrum Flexi team runs a premium reconciliation tool data script extract on the client’s server; this data, along with the Collections data, is then uploaded into the Fulcrum Premium Reconciliation Tool and matching algorithms are run. Reports are produced detailing the results of the algorithms, to identify items that require reconciliation.

These reconciling items, categorised for ease of identification, will be provided to the client to make amendments in the following month’s Flexi bordereaux. Manual deposits will also be identified as items to be reconciled, and will be included in the report.

Corrections or amendments of reconciling items remain the responsibility of the client, as does the day-to-day management of policies in Flexi.

Fulcrum will provide the client with training on the process of carrying out reconciliations from the reports.

Please note that this service offering is limited to insurance premiums only, and excludes non-insurance type debit order collections.

For more information on the Fulcrum Premium Reconciliation Tool, please email us on info@fulcrum.co.za.