Fulcrum Group

The Fulcrum Group was only given its name in 2012 – but our company’s origins date back to the early 1990s, and we have followed a rich and exciting path to where we are today.

The collective insurance and finance industry experience of our management team is impeccable, spanning almost a century.

Our focus is on the insurance market, specifically insurers, brokerages and UMAs, to which we offer individualised collections, software (technology) and premium finance services.

We offer a fully integrated policy administration and premium collection platform. Our brand promise is “We see it differently” – and we certainly do.

No one else offers and combines our suite of services, which we employ to provide novel solutions that meet each client’s unique business requirements. We’re a facilitator of change in the insurance industry, empowering brokers and UMAs to remain independent.

The Fulcrum Group is headquartered in Johannesburg.