Fulcrum Collections (Pty) Ltd is an authorised debit order facilitator, providing a service to the short-term insurance industry.  Amongst others, we collect monthly insurance premiums on behalf of insurance brokers. 

The debit order transaction on your account would be a result of authority given by you to your insurance broker to deduct/collect a monthly insurance premium from your account.

We also collect debit orders on behalf of non-insurance clients. In all instances, we will not collect without the correct authority and/or mandate to do so.

Each transaction will have a unique reference that holds a RF number, next to the amount in question.

In order for us to assist you, please send an email to along with:

  • The unique RF number that reflects on your bank statement
  • The exact amount of the debit order in question and the date it was deducted

You may also call 010 001 2860 or make use of the CONTACT US option on the Fulcrum website in order for us to investigate on your behalf.

In all instances, please provide the information required as above.