Class of 2018’s Jabu fends off rivals for the Fulcrum Future Leader Award

For the fourth year the Fulcrum Group has sponsored the Fulcrum Future Leader Award, presented to the stand-out participant in the Insurance Institute of Gauteng’s (IIG) “Class of” development programme.

Jabu Mtimkulu receives her award from IIG president Daniel Stevens and Fulcrum's Clodagh da Paixao.
(Photo by Insurance Institute of Gauteng)
Jabu Mtimkulu receives her award from IIG president Daniel Stevens and Fulcrum's Clodagh da Paixao.

The Fulcrum Future Leader Award is given to the graduate who demonstrates the following:

  • Leadership ability
  • Confidence in one’s work, and in working with classmates
  • Commitment to the Class of programme and its affiliated initiatives, such as the AMOR house-building challenge
  • A positive attitude
  • Initiative
  • Inspiring others
  • Ambition and optimism
  • Attention to detail
  • An outgoing nature

The winner of the award in the IIG Class of 2018 was Jabulile Mtimkulu.

“Jabu was up against stiff competition in the very talented Class of 2018 for the Fulcrum Future Leader Award,” says Fulcrum’s head of Brand, Clodagh da Paixao.

Mtimkulu exudes confidence, although she does admit that this confidence has grown over the course of the programme. 

“I have gained confidence that was unlike any I had before. That comes from being honest with myself about my abilities, and that has allowed me to walk into any meeting, presentation or project with more initiative and vigour,” she says.

The IIG Class of 2018.
(Photo by Insurance Institute of Gauteng)
The IIG Class of 2018.

With only four years’ experience under her belt, Mtimkulu is fairly new to the insurance industry. She has paid her dues in that time, starting out as a data capturer and working her way up to becoming a specialised motor underwriter at what is now Bryte Insurance. 

She describes herself as a hard, diligent worker who “hadn’t a clue what I was getting myself into, but with my curiosity and constant willingness to learn, I quickly realised how every aspect of the industry is interdependent and how I could play my role effectively to help keep things moving as efficiently as possible”.

Focusing on the course material was not the only aspect of the Class of programme, as the participants had to spend time with their mentors and also have a social impact, through the Amor house-building initiative.

Mtimkulu said this project had the biggest impact on her: “Helping build a home in Delmas and spending the day with children in the community has to be the highlight of the year. I have always been involved in charity work, but nothing on the scale Amor and the IIG introduced me to.”

The Class of 2018 completed modules on personal branding, personality profiles, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, modern business etiquette and even tribal leadership, and therefore referred to themselves as the “Tribe of 2018”.

“The Class of programme along with my tribe has taught me to listen more than I speak, and always be conscious and present in every moment. We are a generation that is so consumed by the what’s next that we forget that whatever we do in the present, will have a direct consequence on the future,” says Mtimkulu.

The top three awards for the Class of 2018 all went to women. When asked what this says for the industry, Mtimkulu’s enthusiastic personality comes through.

“Four words – who runs the world! With determination, passion and a clear vision, we all strive to become better women. Not only for ourselves but for the young girls looking up to us: nieces, daughters, students and colleagues.”

Although a striking personality, Mtimkulu does play her cards close to her chest when it comes to her immediate future, remarking mysteriously: “Sun Tzu says, ‘Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.’”

Kylie Janssens, Mtimkulu’s mentor from Linda Coetzee & Associates, had this to say about her: “A zest for life, a strong-willed, emotionally intelligent person who lives her values.”

We have no doubt we will be hearing lots more about Jabu Mtimkulu in future.