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The funding mechanism allows corporate and commercial clients to enjoy the benefits of annual insurance policies, while ensuring that the upfront payment requirement does not impact their cash flow requirements.

Our funding mechanism, backed by an experienced team and advanced systems, enables corporate and commercial clients to acquire annual insurance policies without negatively impacting their cash flow.

This approach ensures that clients can benefit from comprehensive insurance coverage without the stress of upfront payments.

At Fulcrum Premium Finance, we offer a straightforward, secure, and cost-effective solution, significantly reducing administrative burdens.

Using state-of-the-art systems, our expert team ensures efficient management, allowing clients to mitigate risks effectively through insurance while maintaining healthy liquidity levels in their businesses.

There are numerous benefits to Premium Finance, but the following are some of the key reasons to choose Fulcrum Premium Finance:

  • Improved cash flow – businesses can release substantial cash flow by paying off annualised insurance through premium finance. The improved cash flow can be used for investment opportunities or used for the rising costs in the current market. 
  • Collateral and cost-effective – The interest rates for premium finance are competitive and act as an attractive banking alternative. There are no additional securities required other than the insurance policy. 
  • Claim substantial VAT input upfront – premium finance enables businesses to claim VAT input credits at the beginning of the policy. This frees further cash and generates a substantial time-value-of-money saving.
  • A simplistic insurance portfolio – All policies are aggregated into one monthly repayment with insurers and brokers receiving their annual portion upfront.
  • Preferential to rescheduling with the insurer – premium finance costs typically allow the policyholder to obtain the benefit of having an annual premium compared to a monthly policy.
  • Reduced administration – Fulcrum handles the collection of repayment from the client and the payment of the premium to insurers and brokers.

Insurance brokers enjoy several benefits when they partner with Fulcrum:

  • They receive their full annual commissions and fees upfront, improving their cash flow and boosting their liquidity.
  • Offering the product to their clients can enhance client satisfaction and loyalty, as it provides a more flexible payment option.
  • Fulcrum will handle the administration related to payment collection and unpaids, reducing the broker’s administrative burden.
  • Brokers can cater to a wider range of clients who might otherwise be unable to afford lump-sum premium payments.
  • Providing premium financing option can differentiate a broker in the market which will allow them to attract more clients.

* Nominal Annual Compounded Monthly

How onerous is the process of setting up a
Premium Finance facility?

Once in receipt of an annual insurance quote, either the Client of the Broker may contact Fulcrum directly for a Premium Finance quotation.

* In line with the policy requirements


We finance most short-term insurance covers, with each transaction assessed for creditworthiness. Our relationships with major insurers and underwriting managers support this process.

Your first instalment is due based on the inception date of your insurance policy. It will be collected when we activate the loan.

From your insurance broker as VAT is charged by the Insurer. (VAT Credit Input can only be claimed after payment has been received by the insurer in full).

No, we claim the pro rata portion of the unexpired premium directly from the insurers to settle the balance of the loan.

As with any annual insurance policy, any reduction in cover would necessitate a refund from the insurer in question. As such, your loan agreement will be adjusted by way of a credit endorsement in accordance with your insurance policies, and should your cover reduce, so would your repayments. Upon receipt of the refund from the insurer, your loan will be adjusted accordingly.

Yes, additional assets like vehicles added during the year can be financed. Any increase in your loan due to such additions will be spread over the remaining insurance period for easier management.

No, we can offer finance over any term. The shorter the term, the better the rates offered. We typically finance our clients over 6, 8, 10 and 12 months, depending on our client’s cash flow requirements.

Once receiving an annual insurance quote, the Client or the Broker may contact Fulcrum directly for a Premium Finance quotation.