We’re currently introducing our latest premium collections product, Fulcrum AirCollect™, to the marketplace – and we’re proud to showcase our latest video to explain how it works.

Fulcrum AirCollect™ – which we believe is a world first in the premium collections space – is a significant step forward in the evolution of our collections offerings. It takes unnecessary complexity, time, cost and risk out of premium collections.

Fulcrum AirCollect processes premiums as single debits, including net premiums due to insurers, commissions, fees and value-added product (VAP) components – but each debit is split before reaching the insurer’s bank account, with its individual components credited into separate accounts belonging to the ultimate recipient of the portion of the premium.

We have developed Fulcrum AirCollect™ in partnership with development partner Innosys, pilot system provider Cardinal and with Mercantile Bank, which was recently acquired by Capitec Bank. It is the only bank currently able to split premium payments into net premiums, commissions and fees in single transactions.

For further information and assistance in accessing Fulcrum AirCollect™, email info@fulcrum.co.za.