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Tracy McLaughlin brings a wealth of experience in the insurance industry to her role as Divisional Managing Director at GIB, a leading, wholly owned, proudly South African Insurance Broking Group.

Specialising in Financial Risk, Professional Liability, Risk Management and Property and Casualty Insurance, she has been with GIB for almost a decade where she manages Risk Solutions in the corporate, commercial, and personal space.

GIB was founded in 1982 and in its 39 years of existence has built a reputation for its competence, integrity, and competitiveness. Today the GIB Group, which includes GIB Financial Services, not only offers a vast insurance broking range, including a full suite of short-term insurance, and specialist aviation and marine products, but it has expanded into financial, health and retirement planning.

“If you have a look at our Credo, which has remained at the core of the business since day one, we are committed to a ‘return to service,’” says McLaughlin, “We believe in partnerships.”

Alongside a team of loyal, enthusiastic, and energetic people, GIB has managed to grow into one of the major composite insurance broking houses in South Africa.

Expanding their network, GIB has recently developed GIB Africa Alliance. Across Africa, they have partnered with over 50 independent brokers, thereby significantly expanding their reach. The model is to build partnerships and relationships, and not to have an office in every city in the world. A proudly South African company, GIB has a very far-reaching global network, thanks to their deep understanding of how to manage relationships, maintaining independence and sovereignty.

“Any client of GIB brokers, has a multi- tiered team that they will build a relationship with. They will have their go-to person for claims. It’s not a case of you speak to ‘Bob’ today and tomorrow you speak with ‘Sue’ and ‘Sipho’ Wednesday. Supporting the claims person, you have a Client Executive and an internal Administrator looking after your account. And then you have direct access, if you require, to the CEO of the business.

“It’s very personal, intimate and relationship driven, that’s is what our business is about, building and maintaining relationships,” she says.

The golden thread that runs through the business is its focus on building and sustaining relationships with clients. It’s relationships with best-of-breed service providers are a crucial enabler to this. “We partner with our clients and our insurers, to make sure we get the best deal for our clients,” she says.

GIB’s relationship with Fulcrum sits squarely with this long-term, trust based, relationship driven value proposition.

“It’s been a long-standing relationship,” says McLaughlin, “I’ve been here almost 10 years, and for as long as I can remember we have had a relationship with Fulcrum which has been our go-to partner for Premium Finance.”

“With any relationship it’s important for us that it works for our client, so it’s great to be able to offer our client an option to finance their premiums, particularly as times get tough financially. They have relationships with some of our clients that they have built over a number of years, so they are a great partner to have in the space.”

Beyond a sound relationship, GIB values Fulcrum for its outstanding service.

When probed further about the setbacks throughout the Covid pandemic, and whether GIB is looking for cost saving options, Tracy responded:

“we wouldn’t be doing business with Fulcrum if it didn’t work for us, we know what we want from our suppliers and clients, and if they were not up to scratch.”

– GIB Divisional Managing Director, Tracy McLaughlin