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Keeping it in the family

Beth Greaves runs much of the local liabilities as well as the specialist international insurance underwriting for the South African clients of the respected brokerage – Cape-Town stalwarts, Carl Greaves Brokers.

When the South African market is unable to price for your unique risk competitively, the cheerful but formidable Beth is your go-to professional. 

“I do the more exciting kind of insurance, not the run of the mill insurance. If anything is a little different – where the risks can’t be placed locally or where there is better cover overseas. I also handle a significant book of local liabilities”. 

Sound intimidating?

Having acquired the business, which has been operational for over half a century, in 1985 Carl Greaves’ namesake brokerage is known for its extensive knowledge and experience of the market and its specialised products and policies.

But, fundamentally, it’s a true family brokerage among family brokerages. 

“You know, dad used to take us to work with him when we started school, and that would be one of our highlights of our holidays – to spend time with some of his clients.”

Carl Greaves has clients that are now creeping into the fourth generation, and their staff have been with them for an average 15 to twenty years.

This kind of family relationship includes, in an extended way, key partners. 

Carl Greaves Brokers has worked with Fulcrum for a decade.

” We have a really good relationship with Fulcrum, and we get on exceptionally well with the staff,” says Beth. “It’s great being able to speak to people who might not necessarily understand what you want, but are willing to work with you to get there.”

– Carl Greaves Brokers Director, Beth Greaves

With Fulcrum, Beth says the value comes from being in the trenches together, even when things are hard.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with each other when we’ve had problems. That for me is always the telltale, because when things are going good, it’s really easy. But when things are difficult you know you actually have someone working with you.”

Fulcrum’s value offering in the market place is fundamentally built around sustainability. 

Competitor models attract clients through low cost offerings, yet introduce risk in the long term.

“We don’t simply go for the cheapest,” Beth says. “Premium Finance providers take in people’s premium, they ensure that it gets paid. Without that being done, people stand the risk of having a claim and not getting paid out”. 

“And it’s their life’s work. It’s their lively possessions that are in their hands. Because the premium is it all.”

Beth emphasises “knowing who you’re talking to”, and subscribes to evergreen principles of integrity, face to face meetings and phone calls over email.

Solid relationships trump all.

“Dad’s always said the company is stronger than  the individual. 

But individuals do make up the company. And the difference with Fulcrum is that you know who you’re talking to. 

“And that’s always paramount – knowing that you can trust the company and trust its individuals.”