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General Statement: Data Breach

Fulcrum Collect (Pty) Ltd (“Fulcrum”) is aware of the data breach experienced and communicated by Q- Sure (Pty) Ltd (“Q- Sure”) in June 2021 in relation to the unauthorized access of policyholder data, including banking details. 


Fulcrum wishes to confirm that the data breach experienced by Q- Sure is not in any way related to Fulcrum or its operations. Q- Sure is not an associate party or a related entity to Fulcrum. Fulcrum operates completely independently of Q- Sure and our infrastructure, servers and networks are not shared in any way. 


Fulcrum wishes to give assurance to all its stakeholders that no data held and processed by Fulcrum, including policyholder data or personal information, has been compromised. Fulcrum has a dedicated IT security team that monitors our IT environment in respect of potential security threats. We utilize multiple layers of internal and external security protocols that governs access to and from our hosted platforms. These hosted platforms are certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISM) and ISAE 3402 Type 1 Attestation (ISM). 


Fulcrum ensures that our IT environment is scanned regularly (both manually and through automated processes) to ensure that alerts are raised at the earliest possible opportunity should there be any suspicious activity or vulnerability threats within our network. Each of our servers are checked daily in order to monitor suspicious activity. 


Upon receiving notice of the Q- Sure data breach, Fulcrum performed additional checks on our environment for any vulnerabilities, suspicious activity or potential breach. These additional checks have confirmed that there has been no actual or suspected compromise of our environment.  


We continue to rigorously monitor our environment in order to safeguard against any malicious attacks or penetration of our environment.


Should you require any further information in this regard, please contact our Information Officer at compliance@fulcrum.co.za