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In the most recent edition of the FAnews magazine, Fulcrum had the opportunity to feature Jade Jensen, Designate Managing Director of Fulcrum Collect.

Jade was featured in the Women’s Month segment, Power of the Pack. This section features a diverse group of accomplished women who were asked to respond to questions such as what keeps them sharp, career advice they would provide, and what makes you unique, among other things.

What keeps Jade sharp?

Curiosity!  Keeping and open mind along with a desire to explore and learn.

What makes Jade unique?

Normal or average is something I would hate to be described as.  I have always aspired to be different.  I have never had a nine to five job and I have never been bored at any point in my career.  My word experience is extremely broad – from high-end luxury goods retails, to financial director, interior decorator, traffic control instrumentation distribution, medical schemes, solar panel farms, and naturally, to the world of insurance debit order collections – to name just a few… not necessarily in that order!  I have confidence in myself and believe that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Career advice to your younger self.

You are good enough – trust your instincts.  Oh, and a family business is really not a good idea.

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