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WITH Christopher David Appanah

- Head: Claims - Liabilities, Bryte Insurance

“If you’re considering participating in TIA 2024, go for it! My advice is to prioritize authenticity above all else.”

Q: Where did you start your insurance career?

A: Similar to many others who enter the insurance profession, I stumbled upon this remarkable field in 2016. It was in that year that my journey in insurance commenced when I was recommended for a position at a specialist underwriter.

Q: What prompted you to enter The Insurance Apprentice?

A: Upon the initial recommendation from a colleague, I contemplated the idea of participating in The Insurance Apprentice. After careful deliberation, I recognized that the show perfectly aligned with my perspectives on talent development within the insurance profession. Encouraged by this realization, I took the leap and decided to enter the competition. Looking back, I can confidently say that I have no regrets whatsoever about that decision.

Q: What were some of the highlights as a participant in TIA?

A: Among the numerous highlights, three moments stand out for me. Firstly, the deep and lasting friendships I forged with fellow contestants. These connections have extended beyond the show, leading us to embark on an exciting project together, which we eagerly anticipate launching in the near future. Secondly, the growth experienced on The Insurance Apprentice cannot be emphasized enough. The show propels you along an accelerated path of self-development that is truly unparalleled. I emerged from the experience significantly transformed, far exceeding my initial starting point. Lastly, winning the FSCA challenge stands as a pinnacle moment for me, a validation of my growth, dedication and efforts throughout the competition.

Q: What were the best lessons learnt?

A: Throughout my journey on The Insurance Apprentice, I learned many invaluable lessons that can be distilled into a few key principles. Firstly, I discovered that I was consistently performing at a higher level than I had believed. I learned to overcome the tendency to overthink every decision and instead trust in my own abilities. Embracing my ideas and taking action, even if I occasionally missed the mark, taught me the importance of resilience and the value of continuous effort. Lastly, I grasped the significance of remaining true to myself and embracing authenticity in all aspects of my journey. These lessons have left an indelible mark on my approach to life and have contributed to my personal growth and success.

Q: What advice do you have for future TIA entrants / or why should someone consider entering TIA?

A: If you’re considering participating in TIA 2024, go for it! My advice is to prioritize authenticity above all else. Avoid trying to be someone you think the judges will favour. Embrace feedback and don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you ever feel uneasy, take a deep breath and embrace that discomfort because it’s in those moments that true magic happens!

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