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Insights and Anticipations for the
Upcoming Year

In the February 2024 edition of the FA News, various industry experts have generously shared their perspectives for the year to come, offering invaluable insights into their primary concerns and predictions.

It seems that 2024 promises a tapestry woven with regulatory transformations that will mold the landscape of the industry. Coupled with emerging claims trends and foresighted predictions, these insights paint a vivid picture of what the year ahead holds. Attention is also drawn to the identified risks that demand vigilant monitoring, encapsulating a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal factors that will shape the trajectory of the insurance sector in the near future.

Sachin Govender, the Managing Director of Fulcrum Premium Finance, sheds light on the current infrastructure challenges faced by both the non-life and life insurance sectors. Acknowledging the pressing reality of issues such as the persistent power crisis and the escalating severity of weather events, Govender advocates for a proactive approach that entails additional investments in local businesses’ risk management.

Premium Financing emerges as a beacon of financial flexibility within an industry where upfront insurance payments can significantly impact cash flow for corporate and commercial clients. By ensuring full broker fees and upfront premiums for insurers, this financing mechanism empowers clients to obtain necessary coverage through various options with competitive rates, reflecting the industry’s evolving needs and the imperative to navigate challenges with foresight and resilience.

Jade Jensen, Managing Director of Fulcrum Collections, adds her perspective on the challenges and opportunities looming in 2024, particularly in the realm of compliance considerations within the collections space.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape of the insurance industry, Jensen underscores the importance of vigilance in the face of ongoing regulatory changes. In addressing concerns, she emphasises the necessity of maintaining adaptability to the dynamic nature of regulations, while prioritising reliability through proven legacy collections platforms or innovative products.

Compliance and alignment with industry standards take center stage, underscoring the delicate balance between embracing technological advancements and navigating the regulatory framework.

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